Grimsby Ice Rink

Notice: Our business phone is currently not working. While we resolve this, please direct all enquiries to info@grimsbyicerink via email, or message our Facebook page.

Grimsby Ice Rink is the perfect venue for all of your ice sports, competitions, parties and cool activities. On top of having a, indoor ice rink (the only one in Lincolnshire!) we have a wide range of equipment, and specially trained coaches! Plus, we’re behind the Grimsby Leisure Centre which is a multi-use facility very close to Grimsby Town Centre and near Cleethorpes.

Come skate with us!
If you want to join us for a skating session, you'll need to book in advance through our booking system: click here.
Please remember to sign the waiver(s) attached to the bottom of your confirmation email!

Support us
Grimsby Ice Rink as a registered charity is proud to be responsible for the day to day running and upkeep of the ice rink, after it was transferred from the council on 1st September 2017.
However, we need your help to continue to do this and to ensure that Grimsby doesn’t lose a much-loved attraction!We can be found at:
Rear of Grimsby Leisure Centre, Cromwell Rd, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 2BH
We hope to see you soon!


Public Skate – £5.50
Spectators – £1
Skate hire – £2.50
Ice Discos – £6.50 for all inc. skate hire
It is necessary to book in advance before coming skating through our booking system here: under 13 MUST be accompanied in the building by an adult!Please ensure you have signed the waiver at the bottom of your confirmation email BEFORE your visit to save yourself some time at the desk when you arrive! We cannot check you in without one.
This only has to be done once per person and must be signed by an adult (18+)


Please ensure you have signed the waiver linked at the bottom of your confirmation email before your visit to save yourself some time at the desk when you arrive! We cannot check you in without one.

It is necessary to book in advance for your session before coming skating.Click the button to the right to book now. Or click here.Please note that all sessions are subject to PRIVATE HIRE and HOCKEY MATCHES. If a session is not available for booking it is likely we are not running that session, or it is fully booked.

Ice Skating Lessons

Skate UK Learn to Skate Basic Skills Courses

All lessons are 30 minutes duration.All our beginner lessons are £6.50 each, including skate hire, and will be booked in groups of no more than 10 persons per coach.Record of Achievement booklets are required to sign off individual progress, these are available to purchase from Skate Hire for £5.Certificates and badges for levels passed are available to purchase from the skate hire desk!Booking is essential.For any further information ask at Skate Hire, visit our booking site, or call 01472 476029 during timetabled hours, or send an email to


The Skate UK is a course of basic skills; these are the fundamentals of the sport. Once a skater has completed this course then they have the basic knowledge of the sport. This course is tested under a progressive and continuous testing structure.

Level 1
• Moving forward
• Sit & stand independently
• Moving forward (10 steps) & two foot glide (with dip)
• Stationary snowplough stop
• Moving forward snowplough stop
• Moving forward (10 steps) & two foot glide into a forward lemon
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ Moving backwards

Level 2
• Moving forward 10 steps – curve left & right
• Moving snowplough stop or t-stop
• Moving backwards (toes turned in)
• Two-foot turns on the spot (twisting action)
• Forward & backward lemons (minimum 5)
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ Forward one foot glide in a straight line

Level 3
• Forward stroking (with correct push, glide and free leg position)
• Backward snowplough stop
• Forward to backward two-foot turns
• Forward outside & inside edges one foot glides
• Forward two-foot slalom
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ Backward stroking

Level 4
• Forward open chasses
• Backward stroking
• Forward outside edges
• Forward inside edges
• Two-foot 3-turn
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ Stationary crossing/lifting of foot on a line
ㅤ ◦ Forward crossovers

Level 5
• Forward crossovers
• Forward outside 3-turn
• Backward open chasses
• Stepping from backward inside to • Forward inside edge
• Backward two-foot slalom
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ Backward crossovers
ㅤ ◦ Forward drag

Level 6
Backward crossovers
Backward outside edges
Backward inside edges
Forward inside 3-turn
Stepping from backward outside to Forward outside edge
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ Forward inside mohawk
ㅤ ◦ Bunny hop or two-foot jump

Level 7
• Forward outside 3-turn with control, equal entry & exit edge plus backward crossover
• Forward outside continuous edges
• Forward inside continuous edges
• Forward inside mohawk with control & equal entry & exit edge
• Bunnyhop + drag combo or two-foot jump + drag combo (hockeyskates)
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ T-pot
ㅤ ◦ Forward spiral

Level 8
• Backward outside or inside • continuous curves
• Forward change of edge, outside to inside
• Forward inside mohawk – backward crossover – step forward inside edge
• Forward crossover step wide & backward crossover step wide
• Forward outside 3-turn, backward crossover with a sustained landing position
Introduction to:
ㅤ ◦ Forward inside twizzles
ㅤ ◦ Two-foot spin

Hockey Lessons

Ice hockey is a game between two teams, each usually having six players, who wear skates and compete on an ice rink. The object is to propel a vulcanized rubber disk, the puck, past a goal line and into a net guarded by a goaltender, or goalie. With its speed and its frequent physical contact, ice hockey has become one of the most popular of international sports. The game is an Olympic sport, and worldwide there are more than a million registered players performing regularly in leagues.Our ice hockey lessons are 30 minutes in duration.Passport to Hockey and Intermediate Ice Hockey are £6.50 per lesson, including any equipment.Booking is essential.For any further information ask at Skate Hire, visit our booking site, or call 01472 476029 during timetabled hours, or send an email to

PASSPORT TO HOCKEYThe fundamental element of ice hockey is ice skating, and our Passport to Hockey course is designed with that in mind. We want to ensure that everyone, no matter their age or previous ability has the correct skill set to succeed in the sport and will help instill good skating habits from the very start. This class is suitable for those who have never skated before!Once a skater has completed this course, they will have a basic knowledge of ice-skating skills and are ready to move on to stick handling with our intermediate class, Skate into Ice Hockey.GRADE 1
Sit down and stand on ice
Basic stance – knees bent, shoulders still
Basic moving forwards
Forward scullies
Stand still snow plough (make snow)
Two feet standstill turn
T.Push – Ccoot
Touching toes
Forwards skating full stride
Moving snow plough 1/2 / Full
Backward moving
Learning edges –
Two feet around circle.
Two edges on each foot (forwards)
One foot forward glide, left & right, count of 3
Forward slalom
Backward scullies
Backward snow plough
Drag forwards – left & right leg
One foot edges outside/Inside around a circle
Turning on two feet forwards-backwards/backwards-forwards
Step over
backward one foot glides
Tight turns around cones – forwards & backwards
Backward slalom
Dip & two foot jump up
Two foot jump forwards and backwards. Clockwise & Anti-clockwise
Forward crossovers/Backwards crossovers
Backwards crossover step wide
Stop change direction
Basic mohawk turn

SKATING INTO ICE HOCKEY (Intermediate)This class is the next step up from Passport to Hockey and for those who are ready to move on to stick handling and more advanced skating drills! This class is coached by Ian “Worzel” Watson, who has been playing ice hockey on our little pad since 1982. He is incredibly passionate about the sport and has passed down his love of hockey to his now-adult children who are also members of our teams. He is the current coach for our Grimsby Wolves and is always ready to help out.

Private Coaching

Our coaches are self-employed skating coaches available for lessons at Grimsby Ice Rink, and determine their own pricing, which may vary from coach to coach, and vary in availability. They are not employees of the rink, so if you are looking for lessons, please contact them directly. Ice admission is not included with the coaches’ fees, and you must still book your session before coming! Admission gives you 1 hour and 30 minutes of skating time.It is important to note that if you are under Skate UK Basic Skills Level 8, and you have booked for a ‘patch ice’ session, you must only be on the ice while your coach is present.

Karen Goodwin – Level 4 or 07720447304

Karen coaches at 2 rinks let her know you want lessons in Grimsby!

Caroline Gowan – Level 3
Based in Grimsby

Vicky Mayne – Level 2
Vicky coaches at 2 rinks, let her know you want lessons in Grimsby!

Bryony Corrigan – Level 2
Bryony coaches at 2 rinks, let her know you want lessons in Grimsby!

Anya Morrill - Level 2 or 07368 431055
Based in Grimsby

Chloe Alderson
Skate UK Coach - not yet available for private coaching


Do I have to book?
Yes. It is necessary to book in advance. We can only take online bookings through the booking system.
How do I get there?
Follow the leisure centre/auditorium building all the way to the back, and you should see the yellow fencing around our snow pit. The doors are right next to that!
Do you offer skate sharpening?
Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can offer. However you can email for a contact number for someone who does.
Where can I park?
We have a huge car park right outside our front entrance, and its completely free!
Can I bring my dog?
We only allow service animals inside the building.
How can I get in touch?
For any further information ask at Skate Hire, visit our booking site, or call 01472 476029 during timetabled hours, or send an email to


Do I need to print my invoice? What do you need from me when I come in?
Nope! Just give our staff the name you have booked under.
Refunds and cancellations
Sorry things didn’t go as planned, for all refunds please contact A small cancellation fee is taken from the refund to cover the cost of doing this.
Can I move my booking?
Send an email to info@grimsbyicerink and we will be happy to help you out. However, we cannot move a booking for a session that has already ended.

Can my child attend this session?
Children are welcome to any of our public or family disco sessions. Under 13’s must be accompanied by an adult in the building. Our Saturday night disco is reserved for 13+ or competent skaters.
What is the size range for ice skates?
Our smallest size is an infant 4, and our largest is a size 15. However, all sizes are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee either hockey or figure skates.
What time should I arrive to my session?
We ask that you do not enter the building any more than 15 minutes before your session to give us time to complete maintenance between sessions.
What equipment do you have to help me skate?
We have penguins and polar bears (skate aids in two sizes). They are subject to availability and will vary depending on the skater’s height. Both can be hired for £5 each.
What types of ice skates do you offer?
We offer both figure skates and hockey skates, but these are subject to availability.
Do you allow wheelchairs on the ice?
Yes, though we only allow manual wheelchairs on our ice at this time. There may be a slight step down onto our ice, but our staff will always be happy to assist you. Please be aware that we currently have no disabled facilities in the ice rink, but our neighbours at the leisure centre do and are happy for you to use them!
Do you have lockers?
Our lockers are £1 each, or £2 if you would like to charge your phone. Both options are non-refundable.
Can I wear shoes on the ice?
Sorry, shoes cannot be worn on the ice.
Can I book a Patch Ice session?
You need to be working on Skate UK level Bronze to qualify for this session, or have a lesson with one of our coaches.

Private Hire

For private hire/enquiries contact